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XA stands for eXhibition Accounting and this site is home to a web-based application to do Fair entries, prize statements and cheques.

It also hosts a web page that you can link from your site so that your exhibitors can submit their entries online.

For more information about using the system you can reach me at: info@xaweb.ca

XAWeb evolved out of the DOS-based Penpoints Exhibition Accounting programs. If you already have the older programs, you can use XAWeb to offer your exhibitors a web-entry form and a web page with your prize lists. Entries posted online can be integrated into the older system to help streamline your data entry. If you reached this page looking for our older, DOS-based version, you can get the program downloads at: www.caledoniafair.ca/XA

Local Installation Requirements

XAWeb is a PHP application running over Apache, PHP and MySQL. It can be hosted locally or at an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Local Installation Instructions.


There may be some hosting costs associated with running the database at an ISP but there is no charge for the program code. However, donations to the Caledonia Fair Arena Building Fund will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.

Caledonia Fair Arena Building Project

Artists Rendering
Arena Fundraiser Brochure
Read the Arena Renovation PDF

The Caledonia Fair is 142 years old and its exhibition hall, the old Caledonia Arena, is a recurring theme in its history. In 2005, with the opening of a new twin-pads arena, the town of Haldimand decommissioned the ice surface in the old arena and transferred full ownership to the Fair Board. Designed as a hockey arena and badly neglected during the final years of the town's tenure, the arena is not well-suited to its current function as a meeting and exhibition hall.

The Fair Board is proposing a complete renovation to the building, including modern meeting facilities, better accessibility, upgraded washrooms and other features that will greatly expand its usefulness. Our objective is to transform it into a fully functional exhibition and meeting hall that can support a wide variety of community events.

The Arena Renovation PDF explains how XAWeb supports this project.

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